Diocese of Honolulu

Per the Diocese of Honolulu memo dated 3/11/22 regarding Covid-19, there are two changes:

  1. Effective Saturday, March 5, 2022, all four counties in the State of Hawaii have repealed COVID-19 restrictions regarding limiting size of indoor and outdoor gatherings. Also, for the counties of Honolulu and Maui, the requirement of showing proof of vaccine or negative test where food is served is lifted.
  1. Effective March 26, 2022 the mask mandate will also be repealed. From then on masks are optional for those who feel more comfortable wearing them.

Pastors and the faithful should continue to observe sensible health precautions including continued sanitation protocols and hygiene.

For St. Rita Nānākuli Church, please continue the washing of hands prior to masses and meetings.

There will continue to be an area in the church for social distancing.

If you wish to read the entire memo (6 pages), go to this link.

Please select this link for the most current COVID-19 guidance from the Diocese of Honolulu (Does not contain more recent memorandums).


Aloha from Saint Rita Catholic Church, Nānākuli, Hawaii


Parish Mission Statement - "We, the people of God of St. Rita Parish in Nānākuli, are united in our belief and in our commitment to Jesus Christ. In the spirit of Aloha, we respond to Christ's mission of love and freedom with our care, concern and communal action. This is expressed in the stewardship of our treasure through tithing and in the gift of our time and talents through shared ministries.

As a fast growing rural parish with a large Hawaiian population we feel a special calling to stand together in truth and justice for the rights of the first people (kanaka maoli) of this land. As part of the universal Church, our outreach extends beyond our boundaries to the global community and we affirm the human dignity of all peoples.

As a parish family we enthusiastically participate in bringing about God's reign of peace. We continue to evangelize, welcome and invite all of God's people to St. Rita Parish."

Parish Values - With our deep roots as a mission church to Native Hawaiians, the modern parish community:

1. Expresses our faith in the use of 'olelo makuahine (the mother tongue -- the Hawaiian language) in addition to English in liturgy.

2. Expresses our worship through artistic traditions to include:
    a. Hula and oli as a sacred gesture
    b. Use of native implements including ipu hekeole, pu ili, uli uli, pahu in addition to guitar, drums and ukulele
    c. Use of native flowers and plants in church environment
    d. Use of koa and other native hardwoods in altar, tabernacle, crucifix, and sacred vessels
    e. Use of lei in liturgy (placing lei around the Book of the Gospels, placing lei around consecrated hosts and chalice)
    f. Congregational singing in English and Hawaiian languages using traditional Hawaiian melodies
    g. Use of Samoan fine mat when preparing the altar for Liturgy of the Eucharist

3. Support our church 'Ohana that are nurtured by and contribute to the larger community by incorporating all cultures and traditions into our expression of what it means to be the universal and Catholic church:
    a. Celebrate annual Misa de Gallo Christmas Novena
    b. Celebrate birthdays and wedding anniversaries through community blessing before Mass
    c. Welcome all visitors with lei greeting
    d. Extend our parish outreach to meet needs of the poor including maintaining our parish emergency food pantry and monthly "Feeding the Brethren" community hot dinners
    e. Maintain sister parish relationships with other parishes
    f. Encourage new parishioners to get actively involved in parish activities
    g. Support the Kupuna Project in services to our elderly 


Proposed future St. Rita Nānākuli church


Whatever you do in life, do for the glory of God


Most of us will probably never cure anyone from leprosy or any other disease. How, then, are we to imitate the Christ who worked such wonders? We are called to give glory to God by using our own gifts with courage and generosity, as Jesus did. We are called to seek not our “own benefit but that of the many.” risking our own pride, status, time, money, or pleasure for the common good. We are called to tell everyone the good news about what Christ does for us—and through us—every day. Then everything we do will be for the glory of God.

Mass Times & Confession

Saturday - 5 pm
Sunday - 7 am, 9 am (Livestream), 5 pm
Monday thru Friday - 8 am, Monday 7 pm

Confession: Saturdays from 10 am - 12 pm at the Rectory at 87-1511 Nakii St. Waianae, HI 96792. This is 3 miles west of the church location.


Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 4 pm (break for lunch at noon)

Food Bank Hours

Monday & Wednesday
9:30 am - 11 am


Saint Rita Nānākuli Catholic Church
89-318 Farrington Highway
Nānākuli, Hawaii  96792