Second Collection



Next weekend (2/26 & 27, 2022) we will
have a Special Collection for the “Hawaii Catholics for Tonga”. A
Voluntary Emergency Collection. Your donations will go directly
to the Diocese of Tonga where it will assist parish communities
that are most in need. Envelopes are at the back of church. Here is a link:

Please be generous.


Next week (4/24 & 25) our Special Collection will be for the Diocesan Priest Retirement Fund. This is a different collection from the Religious Retirement Fund that is done each December. In concert with next weekend’s Good Shepherd Sunday, we are asked to prayerfully consider giving generously to this collection that will directly support our priests who are in their retirement years. They have given their lives shepherding our communities, and we pray that they are adequately cared for, in this next chapter of their lives. Please be generous! You can donate online: and also watch a short 2-minute video here:


Second Collection for the Priests' Retirement, November 7-8, 2020
and also a short 4-minute video presentation at:!AuYR5Y1hD9xrlHx2AyupYRfdnDQh


The Augustine Educational Foundation February 9th & 10th 2019