Fundraising Events

Fr. Alapaki Wake Service food fundraiser
This is a link to our WeShare site that will allow donations to the wake service food costs and will be active from 6/3 to 6/19/2024, use the "Welcome" button. Any excess funds will go to where they can be most beneficial.


Panda Express Fundraiser 5/13/22 (Link)


Support the Diocesan Priests' Retirement Fund
Our retired priests dedicated themselves over many years to the service of God’s people, and we are grateful for the service they have rendered to our community. Your donations supplement the diocesan pension fund, covering the costs of sustenance, housing, medical and dental insurance, and other needs as our retired priests move into their elder years. They were there for us. Let’s be there for them now. We ask that you prayerfully consider a gift for our priests.

Diocese of Honolulu Priests' Retirement Fund (Video link). On-line giving (link)


Panda Express Fundraiser 7/10/21 (Link)


Rosie Gomes Music CD fundraiser:

Church parishioner and choir musician Rosie Gomes would like to sponsor a fundraising event for St. Rita Church Nānākuli that will donate the proceeds of 100 of her music CDs to the Church Building Fund to assist in building the new St. Rita Church. Rosie’s offer is to donate $15.00 from each sale until the goal of 100 CDs sold, is met. Rosie has been a St. Rita parishioner for 61 years and is a Nānākuli native. This CD, entitled “Nānākuli E” is her first production and showcases 13 songs with participation from numerous local artists with her son Samson, as a performer and Executive Producer. Included are two sample sound links; One & Two.

The most inexpensive way for those in the local area to obtain the CD is to pay by cash or check directly through the church office. Next is to buy online at the WeShare (website pay wall) site and arrange pick-up from the church office. For both of the above methods, contact the church office directly at 808-668-7883 to arrange pick up. Current Covid-19 restrictions have eased but may change at any time and prohibit office pick-up and alternate arrangements will be made. In-person cost is $15.71 by cash/check (made out to St. Rita Building Fund) which includes HI state tax. Please bring exact amount only, office cannot make change. The cost of the CD through the St. Rita WeShare site is $17.05, which includes HI state tax and WeShare fees. 

For those not in the local area, the cost is $21.00 due to shipping. If we find that we can ship cheaper (ie, multiple purchases), we may be able to refund the difference, if significant. The total price reflects shipping and WeShare transaction fees. Please reach out to us by email at: ( if you would like to purchase multiple copies. As the system exists now, it will charge each shipped purchase individually ($21.00) but we feel we can do better with perhaps a check submittal system.  We are also looking into a digital download version that will eliminate shipping charges but you would miss out on the great album art! Any updates will be reflected on this page. Please go to this link to purchase from WeShare:; click the "Welcome" button and then "Fund" in the drop-down box.