Some accomplishments


The four slides below are from the four masses Fr. Alapaki served as his last masses at St. Rita church. We were blessed to have him for the many years that he stayed and touched the people of the parish. Best wishes and all our aloha!

Mahalo piha palena ʻole iā Fr ʻAlapaki Kim! Nāna nō i kahu, kaʻi, a kākoʻo iā mākou he 25 makahiki. ʻEʻole ʻo ia, māhuahua ke kaiāulu.

Unlimited gratitude to Fr ʻAlapaki Kim! He has been our shepherd, guide, and support for 25 years. Without him, our community would not have flourished.

I hoʻomaha ʻoliʻoli nāu, e ka makua ʻuhane ē. Ua kō nō kāu hana, e komo aʻe ʻoe i loko o ka ʻoliʻoli o kou Haku. (Mataio 25:21)

May you have a joyful retirement, o spiritual father. Your work is complete, enter now into the joy of your Lord. (Matthew 25:21)

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