Mass Tickets

August 19, 2020 update: Reflects need for choir members to obtain tickets and also boosts the number of attendees from 30 to 40.

June 4, 2020 update: Please assist us when obtaining tickets by editing them with the name of the actual person attending. The Presbyterial Council has asked that we keep mass attendance records for 14 days in the event that congregation member(s) contract Covid-19. If needed, the info will allow us to assist in contact tracing, isolating and testing for the virus.

June 1, 2020 update: Tickets are needed for weekend masses only. You will notice on Eventbrite that tickets for weekdays no longer appear after June 1, 2020. Weekday masses will take place, as usual, at 8 AM Monday-Friday and Mondays at 7 PM.

Ticket link below, please read important information that is frequently updated.

St. Rita Nānākuli Catholic Church free mass tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets are limited due to space and will need to close when building capacity of 40 per mass is met. Approximately 15 seats are reserved for clergy, choir, altar servers, lectors, ushers, cleaners, livestream manager (10 AM Sunday only). Staff and minister numbers will vary from mass to mass. There is a seven (7) ticket limit per household. Families may sit together using chairs between “counted” seats (seats that are socially distanced). Tickets are not required for children under age 12 sitting between parents in uncounted seats. Please kokua with your patience; again, space in the church is limited and adjustments may need to be made as we continue to move forward.

There are multiple links to Eventbrite on the St. Rita website, including in the weekly bulletin. All of them will take you to the same Eventbrite website. Mass tickets for the upcoming weekend will be released during the prior week. New tickets need to be obtained for each weekend Mass being attended. Please remember to cancel on Eventbrite or through the office, any ticket that cannot be used so that others may attend. Also, if you call the church office to obtain tickets, be sure not to go on-line and subsequently obtain tickets as you will be counted twice for a mass. Please assist others in navigating the ticket process or call the church office (Mon-Fri 10 AM to 12 PM) if you do not use a computer. Tickets for the upcoming weekend masses are posted during the week prior. If you do not see a mass posted that should be, please contact the office.

Electronic ticket(s) also available on the Eventbrite phone app after registration with Eventbrite and can be used similar to an electronic airline ticket for admission. An usher will meet you at the door to verify your ticket. 

Please arrive 5 minutes early so that if capacity is not reached, standbys can be accommodated.

Currently, there are seven (7) masses available throughout the week. It is desired that one (1) is attended each week.

The livestream mass on Sundays at 10 am is broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook and is available for later viewing but may take up to a day before being posted. We also have 20 additional seats (livestream mass only) outside beneath the banyan tree due to the relaxing of some restrictions by Bishop Silva on 3/5/21. Please be aware that attendees may be on camera during portions of this mass, especially those seated closer to the altar.

Please remember that we remain under social distancing guidelines and that masks are required.

When you get to the picture of the ticket after clicking the below link, click the ticket itself to allow movement to the next step (mouse cursor changes from "arrow" to "hand" icon).

Obtain Mass tickets through here (link)